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Lina M. Landivar – I am presently working in the Ecuadorian Construction Industry with a major local firm and currently living in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I have moved recently from Miami, Florida where I resided for approximately 2 years. My life is less stressful here since I can afford to spend my time working in the city and relaxing at my oceanfront condo any time I can.

Part of my background comes from this latitudes, I was born in Ecuador and raised in Canada, after finishing my IT studies and obtaining a Business Technology Degree, the opportunity come to work overseas in different culture environments from Canada to Europe, then Argentina, Mexico and back to North America in USA. All this work travel and intercultural business experiences provided me with the opportunity to be highly trained and become an experienced professional in the fields of international business development and investments.

After spending over fifteen years pursuing a career in management positions within several industries, I returned to Ecuador to re-discover the essence of this wonderful country.

Having the privilege of being both Canadian & Ecuadorian heritage allows me to take the best of two worlds and create a hall new business approach. By combining the corporate “know-how” and a service oriented business, I founded Ecuador Services.

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  1. ” We make sure that we understand the expectations and needs of our clients to ensure that all our customers are fully satisfied with our services. We always go that extra mile to provide them with the very best solution possible so our customers can enjoy their property in the sun…”

    Great, any news regarding pictures of construction progress on the units I purchased from you at Ocean Towers in Playas? I would really like to be kept up to date on the progress of my investment. Thanks.

    • Hi there JR, at the present moment I can only explain exactly what has happened so far on the issue about obtaining pictures or details about the development of the Ocean Project which has not given any results.

      – I did request since July to two different agents from Metros Cuadrados Estrategas Inmobiliriarios an update of the Ocean Towers construction in Playas, but they did not have any details available so far. My latest intent was about 3 weeks ago, but they were away since the next stage of the project is going to start in the next following months.

      – Presently, I am also waiting for some kind of report from the Ocean Towers Collection department. Since I have another of my USA condo owners that is also requesting details from the project, the way we decided to proceed was through his local lawyer in Ecuador, Ms. Sofia Altamirano. She sent a written request to Ocean, and they offered to have something done by this week.

      – I have asked Ms. Altamirano to include you as part of the Ocean Towers clients to keep you informed, she accepted kindly and will no charge you for this service.

      There is no excuse for the lack of costumer service from most project developers locally; it is the main reason why we, meaning people like Sofia and me, are trying to promote local professional standards and maybe one day regulations on real estate services.

      I will assure you that your investment is secure, you are protected by the signed contract agreement, and in any case of some sort of setback I will notify you in advance. I am a bit limited since I do not have a legal right to represent you. More details will be send to you by mail. Thanks for your understanding.

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