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Seasonal Weather in Ecuador

Christmas Day is already gone, so we can start preparing and planning for our 2015 winter vacations… Here is Ecuador Seasonal Map to help you plan on the right time of the year to visit this country.

As you will notice it details mainly the seasonal climate changes in the highlands of Ecuador. Now this days most locals say that weather has change a lot, it used to be rainy season between December to May, but in these days, it could rain any time of the year in Quito, Ecuador.

If you are visiting the highlands of Ecuador like Quito or Cuenca do bring warm extra clothing for those rainy and cooler days.

Ecuador Highland Climate


Lets take our share of responsibilities on our global footprints

I read this incredible article about our footprints on our planet, which is a topic that we have to be concerned rather sooner then later in our societies. You will find some highlights from this writer´s opinion which I agree 100%. Specially by creating a conscious ideas how we think and see the world, and that we all have to respond to nature´s needs pressured by the global crisis.

This article leaves me hopes that some how we can react to a crisis; even though we are still on denial, not wanting to accept our share of responsibilities, but we are getting to the point were we could not stop facing these serious facts.

The New York Times,


The Earth Is Full


Published: June 7, 2011

We are in denial about the severity of the climate crisis and just how big of a response is going to be needed.

“We are heading for a crisis-driven choice,” he says. “We either allow collapse to overtake us or develop a new sustainable economic model. We will choose the latter. We may be slow, but we’re not stupid.”

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