Ecuador Travel

Ready to begin an amazing adventure?

Ecuador is the place where life has expressed its majesty through a variety of colors, sounds, smells and taste.

Here in the center of the world, the people who make this small country, have decided that the way to keep a sustainable paradise is in their hands.

The commitment goes beyond trying to reduce waste and preserve the environment.

This small country is located in the northwest of South America, and is crossed by the equator. It is divided into 4 regions: Galapagos, Coast, Andes and Amazon.

It is one of the 17 world’s most diverse countries. You can take a cruise, practice adventure, sports or relax at a spa. Maybe visit a museum, enjoy a festival or taste a typical dish on heritage city or town.

Being surrounded by mountains and glaciers, jungles and forests, thousands of species of flora and fauna, beaches and sea, unique islands, all in one place. This is the place where you really learn how to Love Life.

1.- TRAVEL Ecuador by Train – Trips schedule, Prices an details click here

– Exceptional train ride crossing from Ecuador´s Andes watching the transition from moorlands through cloud forests, to tropical Coastal landscapes in 4 days 3 nights all included.

– Enjoy the Avenue of Volcanoes, more than 10 Volcanoes over 12000 feet, one of them active (Tungurahua volcano 5023 mts.)

– 280 miles of scenic train ride ascending to 3600 meters and descending to sea level during the trip.

– Cultural immersion with Andes and Coastal indigenous communities and customs included on trip

– Steam locomotives from the beginning of XX century will run 2 different stretches.

– Luxury and comfortable train coaches representing the Ecuadorian identity and history with exceptional on board service.



2.- Annual Flowering of the brilliant Guayacan Tree– Location: Province of Loja, Ecuador

Click here for Guayacan Forest Touristic Guide (Spanish version)

Since the dawn of time, Ecuador has been related to nature.  When you travel around Ecuador you will find an abundance of butterflies, gathering of fishes or this amazing tree called Guayacan.  At the South end of the country, you will find 5,000 square foot of an incredible natural setting for this tree, “Los Bosques de Guayacan” a forest that is still intact, which blooms across the region in a spectacular sea of yellow every January.

These forests, confined to only a small portion of Ecuador  are unusual for a tropical country as they are dry half the year and brimming with lush vegetation the other half. Next to this wonder of nature, you will find so many different areas that are full of wildlife, botanical plants and exotic trees, so many species that have not yet been discovered by modern science.


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