Seasonal Weather in Ecuador

Christmas Day is already gone, so we can start preparing and planning for our 2015 winter vacations… Here is Ecuador Seasonal Map to help you plan on the right time of the year to visit this country.

As you will notice it details mainly the seasonal climate changes in the highlands of Ecuador. Now this days most locals say that weather has change a lot, it used to be rainy season between December to May, but in these days, it could rain any time of the year in Quito, Ecuador.

If you are visiting the highlands of Ecuador like Quito or Cuenca do bring warm extra clothing for those rainy and cooler days.

Ecuador Highland Climate


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  1. Dump the Dollar, Says Ecuadorean President
    Latin America News
    Published 17 December 2014

    President Rafael Correa says the U.S. dollar is the “exact opposite” of what Ecuador needs.
    Ecuador’s use of the U.S. dollar is hurting the country’s economic growth, President Rafael Correa warned Monday.
    “Dollarization was a bad decision,” Correa said.
    The president said that in the face of low oil prices, Ecuador would benefit from control of its own currency.
    Ecuador is the smallest member of OPEC. Under Correa, the Ecuadorean government has increasingly invested oil revenues in social services and economic development.
    However, with oil prices slumping, Correa says Ecuador needs a flexible currency now more than ever. He argued that by using the dollar, Ecuador is “doing exactly the opposite of what (it) must do to address the looming scenario.”
    “In these difficult times we will see just how important it is to have a national currency,” he added.
    Ecuador adopted the U.S. dollar in 2000 after the value of its former currency nosedived in 1999.
    Correa has long warned the continued use of the dollar is holding back the economy, once describing it as a “straight jacket.”
    In July, Ecuadorean legislators approved a law paving the way for the use of a parallel electronic currency for domestic use.

    OPINION: In the year 2000, the dollar saved his country. Today, it’s a “straight jacket” because he can’t manipulate the currency; i.e.,to save the failing economy in light of the plunge in the price pbl of oil that the Saudis have decided to “let the market determine the price”…keeping in mind that EC is a member of OPEC. No more price protection by propping up an artificial bottom price pbl and an artificially imposed distribution allocation per country by OPEC.
    The Saudis have turned the faucets wide open. They want to kill the U.S. fracking by making it too expensive to produce and to put the independents outta business by flooding the market with their cheap oil. If EC, Iran, Libya and the others go into the crapper as collateral damage, screw ’em. My castle comes first.
    Correa’s not in as big a trouble as Venezuela…yet…. but anybody looking to the “bitcoin” as a realistic alternative to the U.S. $ would be smarter backing their currency with dog crap. At least that’s something you can hold in your hand vs. a figment of one’s imagination and a “trust me…I’m good for it.”.

    Where do YOU see all his shaking out and how soon? We bought a condo in Salinas as an investment property and have a bid in on a house there but I’m starting to think that this is not such a great idea. We cancelled the deal on the second condo to wait and see what’s going to happen. What do your sources have to say?

    Thanking you in advance!

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