Enjoy sunshine most year round in Playas, Ecuador

Playas de Villamil (PLAYAS) offers a remarkable selection of gated communities to choose from. From affordable condos and townhouses to highly exclusive gated communities within other gated communities, PLAYAS has options that will suit every home buyer looking for an added layer of privacy and security.

Playas has become the new beach living destination; for sure the future holds here, since there is a lot of development and investment put into this location. Playas has the chance now to grow within more planned infrastructure and services due to new law regulations.

With a wide variety of home buyers searching for these homes, gated communities have been designed with every imaginable theme, amenity, and feature. Gated communities can offer waterfront, lakefront, oceanfront, Intracoastal, or view homes. Some gated communities are also designed as golfing, boating, or senior living communities.

Why Playas? There are some other great beach locations in Ecuador, just that Playas is an un touch natural fisherman town, very quaint and simple. Today’s plans for this town are embraced by environmental development and trying to keep the nature of its location.

One more important thing to add, Playas it is known worldwide as the second best climate in the world, you will get sunshine most year round, and it is consider one of the healthiest weather in the planet.

If you visit Playas right now, you will find lot of road constructions and basic services implementation, don’t be disappointed, and for sure in few years you will find improved ongoing services that will increase living standards and property value.

They already build a great highway, it takes 45min to drive from Guayaquil to Playas, and we have few satisfy expats that have invested there. It looks as the new hot spot in Ecuador for beach investment, and there are a lot of folks, local and international, that have chosen this location as their future living place, since you will have real access to all the action and great services of the city of Guayaquil and Guayaquil’s International Airport.



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