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Miles of Unspoiled Beaches – and Bargain Beach Homes

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We’re heading north along Ecuador’s Pacific coast. We’re leaving behind our rented boardwalk condo in the resort town of Salinas. A sandy beach is just steps from the front door of the condo. We’ve taken full advantage of it and spent a lot of time on the beach. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

So why are we driving away – and looking for a beach?

The short answer is that it’s a holiday weekend and we know that the city beaches will get busy. We want a big, empty beach, a beach without a boardwalk or high rises or crowds.

We find this beach near the village of Olon and settle in for a few hours of swimming, strolling on the sand, and relaxing:


On Ecuador’s southern Pacific coast, you’ll find plenty of beaches like this one. On the way back to Salinas, we make a series of stops. We check out Montanita, a crazy surf town popular with twenty-something locals and foreigners. I buy a couple of souvenirs and grab a fruit smoothie.

At San Pablo beach, it’s time to eat. A string of rustic restaurants sits alongside the sand. The background music of the waves breaking on the beach and the fresh sea breeze whet our appetites. The friendly waitress recommends a local specialty, a seafood soup in a peanut sauce, cooked in an earthenware pot. Our meal, with beers thrown in, comes to less than $10.

Our final beach is Punta Carnero. We walk on the soft, creamy sand a while, and watch the sun sink into the ocean, before heading back to our boardwalk condo.

The best part about this coast isn’t the choice of beaches. It’s the price. Unlike many other Pacific beach areas, you can afford to own a beach home here. Take a look at these three picks:

#1. A brand-new condo a couple of blocks from the nicest city beach in Salinas. It’s a two-bed two-bath unit with granite counters and imported tile floors. The building, with only 6 units, features a social area, rooftop terrace and swimming pool. Price: $82,400.

#2. A townhome one lot back from the beach 10 minutes’ drive from Salinas. Set in an upscale community with direct beach access, the 3-bed 2.5-bath town home has ocean and beach views from the master bedroom. The front porch overlooks the communal swimming pool and social area. Price: $100,000.

#3. This beachfront home is just a few years old. It’s spacious, with three bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a powder room, an open-plan living area and an oceanfront balcony. The home comes with two almost-completed large apartments that require some finishing touches. You could rent these out separately to generate income. Price: $210,000.

So, if you’ve always wanted a beach lifestyle, you can still get your dream home on Ecuador’s Pacific coast, even on a tight budget. And there’s an easy way to see this location for yourself – and get the real skinny on the best real estate deals.

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I like to help others!

Ecuador living and Health Care – The city you choose to live has a lot to do with the quality of care you receive.

International Living–Health Care Abroad: Excellent and Affordable

youtube.com Health care in many countries around the world is excellent and affordable, with prices that are a fraction of what you’d pay in …

Although quality health care is available throughout Ecuador, you must keep in mind that many services may not be available in rural areas and the quality of health care may not be as good as in larger towns or cities.

Most expats and Ecuador living websites will tell you that Ecuador’s best medical services are offered in Quito, Cuenca, and Guayaquil. I will leave it up to you to agree on that, in the mean time, I will just let you know what locals do and I pretty much follow it.

It is common practice for doctors in other parts of Ecuador to refer seriously ill patients to hospitals and doctors in Guayaquil. In Guayaquil you will find high quality, low cost health care, but as anywhere else in the world finding it requires some due diligence and common sense.

We may consider Ecuador as a developing country; the truth is that you can get first-rate medical care here. Guayaquil holds the most progressive and open society, it is the largest and most service demanding local city, therefore, you will find that most local professionals are well educated and up to date on their specialties. Many doctors are educated in the U.S., Europe, Argentina, Chile, and Cuba, and receive continuing ed training around the world.

With the right choices, you will receive personal attention from medical practitioners not seen the U.S. And, you’ll pay some of the lowest prices in the world. In general, you can except to pay 10% to 25% of what you would in the U.S. for comparable services. For major surgery, involving longer periods of hospitalization, costs were even less than 10% of those in the U.S.

Health insurance is a bargain in Ecuador. A 55 year old man in the U.S. would pay a monthly premium of $1,100; in Ecuador he pays $86. A woman, age 50 to 60, would pay $77 for the same policy in Ecuador while coverage for a dependent child, between 2 and 17 years-of-age, costs $15.69 a month.

I will advise you to check local insurers since they all have their own policies that will apply. As in the U.S., the policies of major insurers consider pre-existing conditions and require that you sign-up for coverage before you reach the age of 70 (some companies require sign-up by age 65).

Some expats do not opt to take on any health insurance since per services are not expensive. That will be your decision to make depending on your budget and risk factor. Keep in mind that U.S. Medicare will not provide coverage out of the country.

One extra option could be alternative health care in Ecuador. On per capita basis, Ecuadorians use alternative services much more frequently than North Americans or Europeans. You will find well established practitioners of homeopathic and naturopathic medicine in Guayaquil by the Coast of Ecuador.

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