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Local transportation in Ecuador is not a happy ride.

This time I will like to provide some safe knowledge on local bus transportation, specially the inter provincial bus service that will take you between cities in Ecuador.

This is not a service I will use and recommend based on my personal evaluation while living here in Ecuador. I did try the service few times between travels to Quito, Cuenca and the Coastal region, but every time I did I was very disappointed and felt pretty unsafe. I am very open and understand the local culture, but the local bus service goes beyond real dangerous situations to its users. I will say they really do not respect users’ life and safety.

You must it heard by now, that it takes some daring to drive in Ecuador; I will simply put it that there is an aggressive driving condition on any road and city in Ecuador. Must roads have physically improved over time, what you have to be aware of it’s the dogging game you must play while driving. It is not uncommon to find drivers that do not respect street lights or signals, or driving on the wrong side of the road, or taking over a car without all the proper precautions. You will also find people or animals that will be crossing or walking with even noticing cars passing by.

All this happens on city streets as in any highway of Ecuador. Why do I mention all those local road and driving situations? Well, all of that reflects specially on local bus drivers, added to all of those road’s conditions, must drivers are over worked, they are put under time pressure for each trip, some of them do not even hold a professional driver’s license, and since they are not well paid, most of them work over time without taking the proper time out need it to rest.

My hall purpose here is to make you aware of the possible risks if you decide to take  a bus to travel in Ecuador. You could always take all the proper precautions to avoid been robed or moped while on the bus, but there is no way to play safe on the driving conditions on your bus trip.

On daily basis you here of tragic accidents from buses on the highways, I often see them while traveling to the beach, if it is not the drivers fault they blame it on the bus mechanical condition, or some other vehicle cause the bus to run off the highway. Up to know law enforcement have try a lot of different tactics, but honestly I do not see any improvement or change.

Just last weekend that I was driving to Playas Villamil, Coastal Ecuador, I took my chance and started to tailgating (for research purposes) a buss driving from Guayaquil to Playas, the speed that the bus was traveling was of 130 kph, I was shocked of such a high speed for a public transportation. Just few kilometers before Playas, I was stopped by a Highway Patrol and got a speeding ticket; they had a picture of my car going at 111 kph. I would say that their radars are kind of off the track, and by the way the local maximum speed aloud is 100 kph.

I was so surprised that the bus I was tailgating was not stopped with me, so I stated my complaint to the officer, he ended up telling me that they are always getting speeding tickets. I don’t know what the logic behind that answer was.

We are not going to solve the bus driving situation in Ecuador, but we could avoid traveling on a weapon with wheels.

There are other options which I will always recommend, the best income airport is Guayaquil International Airport, it is rank as one of the best in South America, easy access and excellent services, and from there you could rent a car, hire a taxi, or even get local contacts that will be willing to provide you with safe transportation services. You will be spending some money, but your life means a lot more than few dollars.

Keep safe while retiring or traveling in Ecuador!



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Ecuador on the way to Brazil’s 2014 World Cup!

TONIGHT!!! Ecuador’s national soccer team can come to within one point of South America’s #1 qualifying team by beating Peru in tonight’s game in Lima.

Actual Coach Reinaldo Rueda took charge of Ecuador in August 2010, just a month after guiding Honduras to South Africa 2010. His objective is clear: to follow in the footsteps of the two Colombian compatriots that preceded him in the job, Hernan Dario Gomez and Luis Suarez, and take Ecuador to Brazil 2014. Boasting a stable squad that has gone through a natural process of renewal, the Ecuadorians are likely to be a major candidate for one of South America’s qualifying slots. Despite these high expectations, they endured a poor Copa America 2011 campaign, not registering a single win and departing after the group stage.

FIFA World Cup finals history
While Ecuador failed to extricate themselves from a tough group at Korea/Japan 2002, their first-ever appearance at the final stages of a FIFA World Cup, the story was quite different at Germany 2006, where the South Americans got as far as the last 16, having surprisingly finished second in their pool behind the host nation. Unfortunately for the CONMEBOL representatives, England would prove a hurdle too far; the Three Lions triumphed 1-0 to move on to the quarter-finals.



Montanita Ecuador Surfers town!

You will find a large stretch of beach that will make any beach comer happy tip to toe, it has eight miles of wonderful sandy beach just waiting to be explored. If you want to play in those waves, you will find the best options, this is based on experts advice.

Montanita’s beach has a gradual sloping sandy bottom that lets you walk out over 100 yards before being up to your chest in water and no riptide. Grab your boogie board, surf board or just romp in the waves.

Spanish saying: en el mar la vida es mas sabrosa!

Meaning: by the ocean, life is wonderful!

Along these southern coastal beaches the best weather is from mid-December through May here.  This time of the year is also local’s high beach season, since you get must sunny days and temps between 75 and 85.

Water temperature is also great, you could spend over 4 hour in the water with no wet suit.

For the rest of the year from the end of May till November you have more overcast days, my personal experience is that you hardly see the sun, there is no rain, just cloudy, damp and windy and lower temperatures.

After living in Canada, I could not complain of overcast weather, my best option at that time of the year, it is to go to Playas de Villamil that is an hour drive from Guayaquil, and I get sunshine all year round whit one of the best climates in the planet.

Which it is great about Ecuador is the option to travel from the city to the beach and back to the highland in a couple of hour driving time…. Remember there are no severe weather patterns for the coast of Ecuador!


SUNSET by the beach of ECUADOR – Ruta del Sol, Coastal Ecuador

( Feb. 2013)

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