Something to read before any property hunting in Ecuador!

Explore a refined and unique Ecuador!

You would want to be streetwise when shopping for real estate properties in Ecuador and Latin America. The Latin setup allures the unwary investor.

Trouble could be around the corner in this land of full sunshine, beautiful beaches and great outdoors. Once you start getting comfortable with local surroundings and making new friends, all kind of offers and promises start flowing your way. Rum and real estate don’t mix; you certainly want your full senses when it comes time to sign on the dotted line.

The normal approach to a real estate investment in Ecuador is as follow:

You’ll arrive in to one of the International Airports of Ecuador, whit all your dreams of launching a new life.

At the terminal of the airport, at the lobby of your hotel, and at most restaurant down the street where you go for lunch, you’ll be approached by friendly fellows with houses…

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Ecuador News & Travel, Inside scope, property listings, key ready packs, plus free services, proven honest local references, and how to avoid getting “overcharge” while in Ecuador.

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