Excelent Oceanfront project in Santa Elena, Ecuador…

Today I will post about my recent activity by the beautiful Pacific Ocean of Ecuador, I am working on a great new project, it is an awesome design created by a prestige group of local architects and developed by a well established local company (providing a 100% warranty on your investment).

We are right on the pre-construction sale for the second  tower, and  I am commercializing the project for overseas investors, retirees or anybody local o international with a desire to invest to a great retirement heaven. The hall project is build and finance totally by the developer, and most of the Oceanfront Condos have been sold without advertizing jet.

That shows us that Ecuador it is a country with a lot of potential for development. There is an on going demand in the construction industry that reflects in the rest of the local economy. The price range for the square meter is between $ 1.000 US to $1.500 US putting this project in the high end of the local market.

Here I will show you some images from the project, there is a first tower already in use by the actual owners who are enjoying the full resort style service, the project includes a Beach Club, Marina, and Hotel Administration Services for the Condo Owners, allowing them to gain an excellent return on their investment.

At the present moment, we have our second tower under construction and with most of its unit already sold. It will be finished by Jan. 2014 right on schedule.

Located on the “Ruta del Sol” Santa Elena – Ecuador

One of the best  locations that you could get along the Ecuadorian Coastline, since it has most of the high end local real estate locations providing a plus to your investment. A magnificent beach location, open sea, fresh waters, no pollution from over saturated population and under develop infrastructure as you will find out at mos of the beaches in Salinas, Ecuador or other crowed beach towns. Al top of the line beach amenities, great services, and all in a private gated area, totally secure to live in, and close enough to all the services as supermarket, gas stations, restaurant, bars and others.

Always make sure that if you invest in Ecuador with local developers, also assure yourself that they are a trusted local firm. Use well informed and local real estate professionals who knows the local situation and laws, that way for sure you will secure your investment and get all the work professionally done.

For more details on this beach project visit this site:  http://ecuadorluxury.wordpress.com/

Until next time, hasta luego!


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  1. Linda, Ron! Hola! FYI. The whale in the bottom right position in the article above is an Orca…”killer whale”…not found in the waters off EC.

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