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Ecuador and its social politics, lets be impartial and provide useful opinions.

An open letter to an ecuador-expat informative website.
I have been a constant reader of your email newsletters and also have referred your site to all my overseas contacts that need info on Ecuador. Now, after seing this headline on one of your last newsletters, “Why Correa is Good for Expats, and Nature’s Rights”, Gringo Tree Website Newsletter. I am completely disappointed about your partial opinion on most of your website topics where you refer to what the country has to offer to expats and relate most of the issues to the good will of the actual government.
I hope to see my comment publish on your site and newsletters, maybe I am wrong on my appreciation, but I believe on the freedom of opinion. I’m not involve in politics, but I do care for all social and environmental issues of our planet.
I have two well balance identities and carry both passports very proudly, Canadian and Ecuadorian, as most Canadians, we are blessed with the opportunity to believe and cultivate each of our cultures.
At the present moment, I am an expat residing in Guayaquil, with the great advantage of deeply knowing different countries overseas, meaning by this social, political, economical, and cultural aspects of each one, allowing me to view and analyze the social-political issues happening in Ecuador from different points of view.
Even though I have the right of expressing a direct opinion on Ecuadorian issues since I carry the Ecuadorian Passport, I do not dare to be so partial, since I have not been present through the hall history of the country. Also I do not have a clear perspective of past and present issues base on the idea that most of the official records  and mass information have never been handle systematically and with total freedom.
Of course, I will not certified that even in countries like Canada there is mismanagement of information, but certainly, there is a more rigorous control of the government by the people, also an open policy of mass communication and access to government records.
In Ecuador, previous governments and the actual one have lay the ground to grow into a prosperous and productive economy, but also, they have undermine and dismember most of the Ecuadorian society, using them to benefit their political campaigns purposes at times letting the people to loose their kind and noble identity. There is a lot of history behind this topic of social problems in Latin America, certainly there are few historians that believe that started since the Spaniards colonized the Americas, but today, I just want to stay on track on our topic – Ecuador politics and society-.
Since there is a lot of government clientelism and cronyism through the history of Ecuador up to the present days, the country goes through stagnant stages of economical growth due to a constant leap of the economical power between all the social groups that are behind the government’s power.
As a final thought, I could not assure if Mr. Correa is good or bad for Ecuador, but certainly neither could your website only promote Ecuador as a heavenly place due to the actual government work. Each country, culture and society have their on timing for growing. In reference to Ecuador, I could say it is a great place to look into if you like to move overseas, but there is a lot of things to be cautious before and once you are in the country.
Also, I do not know your background and knowledge on Ecuador and its politics, maybe you are been feed only by the actual on going news. It will work a lot better for the crowd who are interested in living or that are already living in Ecuador to obtain a more impartial, open, with ground bases and a deeper research of Ecuador social political happenings and developments.
Internationally there is a lot of news about Ecuador, good ones like the great nature to be found and its heath benefits, to real bad ones, like tow tourist girls been kidnapped up in the highlands. From the government greatest environmental project “YASUNI ITT” to save the unexploited oil reserves, to the 5% exit tax on money transfer from Ecuador. All of these information has to be filter base on the purpose of the reader, hope to see a progress in the near future of your website information to keep on refereeing it to searchers of overseas locations.
Thanks for you kind attention.
Lina Landivar
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