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Weather in Ecuador

Let me get you familiar with the local weather in Ecuador, at the present moment, we are at the end of the rainy season, well if the weather goes as usual. Rainy season in Ecuador goes from mid December to the end of April. The amount of rain can vary depending on the year and the influence of the famous current El Niño, now thanks to this current we are blessed with a wonderful nature a biodiversity, but sometimes it takes its toll with its heavy rain.

It has been few years that Ecuador did not get heavy rain, but this year has been pouring heavy rain almost every day at different regions of the country. Since the local infrastructure varies and they do not have strict construction standards base on the weather influence, they end up with a lot of problems along the way.

I will show you a link where the BBC shows a video of the local floods. I do not want you to be spooked away from Ecuador, still it is a wonderful location to live and retire, just that we all should be familiar with the real situation in this place.

Now, every where there is some kind of hardship to deal with weather wise, I use to bare cold winter and very rainy spring weather in Canada, here in Ecuador it is just the same situation, so I just put a big smile and enjoy every bit of it….

Which I like the best in Ecuador is the fact that if you are not able to attend a meeting or some sort of activity due to the weather or any major cause they are so understandable an able to forgive and forget, relax and don´t worry… Well not the best option to make the country progress but it does help your health level…

As Ecuadorians do, I kind of plan my vacations around this time of the year….

Until next time SMILE…..

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