Planning to retire or live in Ecuador, there is one more location to look into…

I am back after a long holiday week in Ecuador, the local government basically took last week as a “puente” meaning extending the holiday over the weekend. It was a great opportunity for me to take a long driving trip to the north coastal site of Ecuador, the coast along the province of Manabi. It was all new to me, from delicious food like VICHE to really natural site seeing, nice sunny weather and really nice and warm local people. They are waiting to open their welcoming arms and hoping you have a nice time while in their province.

It is a place that they never mentioned on those international retirement conventions world wide. You have of course the trendy kind of to lay back for me places like Canoa, more of a surfer town. For my personal taste plus adding the great benefits of living close to a city, I believe that Montecristi is a top ten overseas retiree’s heaven to check here in Ecuador.

Do you remember the famous Panama´s Hat? Well figure it out where they come from, right here, in this little quaint town, Panama hat it is all made here along with some other wonderful handmade items. It happens that this amazing hat of toquilla was trade through the Panama Canal, and that is why they took after Panama the name, but they are made in Ecuador, in Montecristi.

I will try to show you today as much as possible from this place, my promise will be to keep digging and finding the best opportunities on the location.

The small town of Montecristi has historic value to Ecuador, one of their great man in history came from here, and also locally is known that ladies from Manabi are gorgeous. Plus it has great weather, cool spring summer if you find a property right on the hill skirt, and you can be by the ocean, enjoying the beach and sun bathing in just 15 min. It is right next, but not to close to loose its identity to the port city of Manta. I could not say that it is big, in Ecuador, Manta it is consider the 4th largest city. For sure you have access to good infrastructure and basic services, added to good medical care and plenty of natural resources like fresh seafood with your own cultivated garden product.

One of the properties I had a chance to stay belong to a family that race their seven children and move to a bigger city, a real interesting property with a huge potential to turn it in a wonderful hospitality investment or maybe a retirement home. You can see the ocean right from the house and the yard.

If there is anybody that has a good project let me know, I can put you in contact with the owners. I will keep on writing about this place since there is a lot to be discovered.

Also I believe the next weeks will be the Ecuador convention of International Living in Quito. Just in case anybody will need any information do not hesitated on writing it here or even better to my mail to get a fast reply.

Next I live you with some on line information about this great place, I would say a hidden gem not told to the overseas living and retiring searchers.

Montecristi is a canton with history and a lot of traditions. Its biggest historical figure is General Eloy Alfaro Delgado, one of the biggest revolutionaries in the country. A side from his remains in the Museum of Alfaro City, located on the Montecristi Hill, people that like risk and adventure come here to climb this natural eco friendly hill. It has marvelous beaches, the most visited one is San Jose.

The most important part of the town it is the crafts elaborated with “paja toquilla”, wicker, piquigua and wood.  All this hand crafts have a great recognition around the world. Its biggest identity is in the fine hats of paja toquilla, known to the world as “Panama Hat.”

Posted online by the Municipality of Montecristi

Watch these videos, I am sure that you will make this place one of your destinions…


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