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Thanks God we are all fine…

NY subway back day to day life

New Yorkers woke up this morning to a hellish commute and the prospect of picking up the pieces after a weekend off which has cost the economy an estimated $45billion.

On the positive side, as the New York Times noted Sunday, the hurricane “ended up falling far short of the historic disaster that many people had feared.” We should be so grateful that Manhattan escaped the worst as hundreds of thousands fled what turned out to be more of a heavy thunder storm than a devastating hurricane.

We should never take warnings on the light side, since hurricanes are serious business. They have the capacity to cause billions of dollars in damage and kill hundreds or thousands of people. Moreover, it is very unusual for a hurricane to hit America’s north-east, where around one sixth of Americans live and a quarter of the country’s economic output is produced. An unusual, potentially disastrous event that was certain to affect millions of Americans and put billions of dollars of property at risk.

Lost of people have complain of over extensive media coverage, but it was not overly done, thanks to all the news coverage people were more aware and better prepare to deal with the hit.

Just because Irene wasn’t the disaster that some Americans feared doesn’t mean it wasn’t important to cover it.

Positive thoughts and energy to all Americans after Hurricane Irene, may they all be protected, and their homes and property remain undamaged. .


Gracias, thank you, mercy!!!! to my blog´s visitors and Ecuador

Buen dia!

Feliz dia!

It is Friday, weekend starts here in Guayaquil, Ecuador.. Mine was a bit on the harsh side.. Got a virus about 2 days ago, something you get any where in the world..I would say, I rarely get one here, of course I do take in account all the precautions needed in this place.

5 am, I was awake and couldn’t stop feeling nauseous, the Doctor had told to get an injection last nite to overcome the sickening sensation, but stubborn me, of course thought that a hot tea and rest will do, plus the pills.. Well, I had to go a that time in search of person who could inject me, call up a very good friend of mine, it was still dark, but anyway we both went out on a hunt. I live in a residential are on a hill, now, one thing to take in account was my low budget. Of course working in Ecuador you do not make high paying ranks.

As I was coming out of my condo, I was thinking on the hall ordeal that we might have to go through to get a simple injection.. Also the $$$ question was always there.

Things went on so smoothly, we found a small clinic close to the main boulevard of Urdesa, a nice nurse attended to me, and all of that was only $2 US. I was surprise, at least I thought it will be ten dollars for just any small medical service. Well here you have the real thing about how cheap and good medical care you can get in this country.

As any where else in the world, you have to use your good judgment and study the options well, that said, I would apply the same concept in Canada or any other place with global health care services.

Hope this experience can help you in finding out how realistic and simple life can be in a country like Ecuador.

So, since it is the weekend, people will start planning and searching for some sort of relaxation activity between friends.

That´s the warm feeling you get from locals in here, my best option maybe to go for a nice ceviche and fresh fish in Playas on Sunday. I will get some nice pictures in case I go.

Thanks to all the people who are taking the time to read my blog. I see visitors coming in, it does cheer me up!!!

“The Extravagant Lifestyle I Never Thought I Could Afford”

Even though I do not agree with the hall merchandising idea they do with places like Ecuador as a retirement heaven from companies that make a profit by providing information about the country or expats contacts. I have decided to provide a link and the information from one of them which it is reliable and can provide you with good results.

I believe we are all free to choose, maybe they provide a service that is in need to certain people that may feel a bit insecure or overwhelm of going on their own. I will invite you to try to find out first on your own, if you find that it is to much to grasp at once you should try this type of services.

You could find a lot better deals and great friends by searching a bit on your own.. I am always here if you need any kind of assistance, if we make any money should be on real transactions services on a property, not just by getting you a local contact list or properties listings that most of the time they haven´t even seen it them self.

Another  way to keep informed is to subscribe to their newsletter and start comparing information online with the one provided on the newsletter. Remember they are making a business out of it, sure they will not show all the information you need to balance your decision, specially if there are any cons on the location or properties.

Sure you will get hints and on going tips for overseas living… Check it out and good luck with this hall new adventure!

“The Extravagant Lifestyle I Never Thought I Could Afford”.

Please read the previous link to get information and tips on an affordable place to live overseas.

Get informed before you retire and buy property overseas!

I will like to point out few things here which I believe are very important to take in consideration. Once a person decides to retire or live overseas, they are opening their minds to a complete new and different perspective in life, of course these underdeveloped countries or emerging economies, as I like to call them, have a whole different situation, may that be political or economical, but on the other hand, they do offer a great compensation by providing natural environments, health and a comfortable lifestyle under a small budget.. Most develop countries are saturated with environmental problems, and their economies are going under huge debt problems.

Saying this, I should also agree that few smart foreigners are taking advantage ahead of the game and overpricing local properties in this heavenly retirement option. One thing to be sure is that properties by the ocean in Ecuador are cheap, you should always buy from locals, anybody can buy properties here, you may need the assistance of a professional who is related to the local market, which will not jump the price to the American standards.

I am even seeing that companies who have been in the business of promoting Latin America as a new found heaven for retirement, are also making money by offering tours and seminars. This is not fair at all, there is plenty of information on the net, and Ecuadorians are very friendly and open people to welcome business from other cultures.

Don´t let anybody tell you differently, I wouldn’t like to see Ecuador being merchandise by people who are just taking advantage of a timing opportunity. Please get informed, of course as with anything else in life, you may come across and find dishonest people, but by asking for professional references, you´ll be able to avoid that, take your time and travel to Ecuador for a visit, see it your self, even if they try to point out that the actual president is following Venezuela’s foot steps.. I can tell you that Ecuadorians are a complete different story, they will never allow it…

Ecuadorians are very business oriented, and a very hard working society, they will always push their Politians to open the doors to the world. They had to go through a hall process of changes with their previous established politics to level the social standards.

I was born in Ecuador and raise in Canada, I have seeing both worlds, plus having worked in other countries, I am a citizen of the world, we should never undermine any place, I just think that there is a perfect place for every type of character in life and budget too….

I started writing about overseas living in Ecuador after my friends and clients ask me to please make all those tips of information available to the world.. so I went on with my brand new blog.. I am open to constructive critics, comments and if any body will like to collaborate please you all are more than welcome, it will be a great cause..

Presently working in the Ecuadorian Construction Industry with a major local firm, I am currently residing in Guayaquil, Ecuador, having moved recently from Miami, Florida where I resided for approximately 2 years.

Don´t forget always check local property market at real local prices! Here I leave you some properties images in Ecuador…

Another good reason to retire in Ecuador!

Economists, politicians and business executives typically spend their lives striving for the same goal – bringing prosperity to their communities. Why? The answer appears simple. More money buys more options and security, which, ultimately, leads to greater happiness.

But a new study challenges the wisdom of this thinking.

The research team, led by Dr. Evelyn Bromet, a professor of psychiatry at State University of New York at Stony Brook, interviewed 89,000 people in a 18 countries, from very poor places to the world’s most developed economies. Using a standard set of questions known as the WHO Composite International Diagnostic Interview, they attempted  to gauge the prevalence of depression. Their findings: Citizens of wealthier countries are more likely to be depressed. Overall, 15 percent of people in the wealthy countries surveyed experience depression, compared to 11 percent in the low and middle-income countries.

The researchers aren’t sure why but offer several possible explanations, including less family and community support and higher expectations in wealthy countries and a reluctance of people in lower-income countries to admit to depression.

Lets take our share of responsibilities on our global footprints

I read this incredible article about our footprints on our planet, which is a topic that we have to be concerned rather sooner then later in our societies. You will find some highlights from this writer´s opinion which I agree 100%. Specially by creating a conscious ideas how we think and see the world, and that we all have to respond to nature´s needs pressured by the global crisis.

This article leaves me hopes that some how we can react to a crisis; even though we are still on denial, not wanting to accept our share of responsibilities, but we are getting to the point were we could not stop facing these serious facts.

The New York Times,


The Earth Is Full


Published: June 7, 2011

We are in denial about the severity of the climate crisis and just how big of a response is going to be needed.

“We are heading for a crisis-driven choice,” he says. “We either allow collapse to overtake us or develop a new sustainable economic model. We will choose the latter. We may be slow, but we’re not stupid.”

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